Hey, Mrs. Austin has a podcast

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I started a podcast! You’ll never guess what it’s about- dating, of course! I thought it was time to get my dating thoughts into a book, but for now it turns out that a podcast is a better idea. Let’s be honest… I talk a lot and I’ve never met a mic I didn’t mind talking into. =) I hope the words I share are an encouragement to you as you seek to date with wisdom, grace, and hope. May the Lord take my simple offering and bless it abundantly as only He can do.

You can listen to Hey, Mrs. Austin: a dating podcast here on the blog or click on any of the links below. Other podcast apps pull from the sites I’ve listed, so you can also search for it on your preferred app.

Apple Podcasts


Amazon Music


Google podcasts

Happy listening!

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Your dating history

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Have you ever written out your dating history and looked for habits or patterns? This is a great practice if you need ideas for proactive next steps to take. Once you’ve found a pattern, you can try tweaking it and see if it helps you head in a new direction. Check out this podcast episode if you want to hear some examples!

Below you’ll find a list of questions to get you thinking about your past dating experiences. Jot down your answers in your journal or type out a list- whatever works for you!

  • When did you first like a guy and want to date? Did anything come from that first crush?
  • How did your parents talk to you about dating? Was it viewed negatively or positively?
  • What significant romantic relationships have you been in? Boyfriends, crushes, just friends, etc. 
  • When was your most recent dating experience? Is there anyone you’re interested in currently?
  • Have you ever tried online dating or dating apps? What went well and what didn’t?
  • Have you been set up on many blind dates? 
  • What do you think are some pain points for you in dating? Do you have trouble meeting new men? Getting asked out? Or do you go on a couple dates and then nothing more happens? Do you notice any patterns in your past that you’d be up for trying to tweak?
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Our updated backyard

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Earlier today I was looking for a photo from last year and ended up finding before photos of our backyard. Holy smokes, y’all- so much has changed! The before and afters are just too good to keep to myself for any longer, so here’s a post with a lot of pictures. I’ve attempted to gather photos from similar angles in 2014, 2021, and currently in 2022. Some of the after photos were taken in February and then I also took some today, in June. It’s fun to see how much the plants have grown in a few months!

Here’s the backyard when we bought the house in 2014. That building that Trav is in front of is the garage. There is a garage door that opens onto an alley in the back. When we purchased the house, we mainly focused on remodeling the interior in order to make it livable. However, we did paint the exterior, cut down all of the overgrown weeds, and removed that white, metal fence. Oh, and ditched the ginormous dog house.

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My second date with a podcast

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I had the privilege of being interviewed by Chris and Alisa Grace on their podcast that’s hosted by Biola’s Center for Marriage and Relationships. We recorded the episode last fall and it was released at the end of March, so I’m thinking it’s about time I linked it here on the blog.

You can listen to the episode or read the transcript here on Biola’s website or find it on the Apple podcast app here.

I was so pleased with how the episode turned out! The interview ended up giving a great overview of my work and summarized much of the dating advice I tend to give out. Share it with a friend who would like to get married someday! It may help start some encouraging conversations and will be a helpful introduction to proactive dating.

This was the second time I was on a podcast, and I’d say the second date went well. Do I want to hang out with a podcast one more time? I think yes. Stay tuned…

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Be a thermostat- set the tone of your dating life

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A weather thermometer tells you the current temperature of the air. States a fact and that’s it. A thermostat does the same, except it also allows you to set the ideal temperature and then kicks on the a/c or heat. It gives you control.

Which one are you in your dating life? Do you just state the facts (no boyfriend, haven’t met anyone, got ghosted, feeling hopeless) or do you acknowledge the facts and then see where you have control over how to respond?

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Book Post 3: The dating book you wish you weren’t reading (an introduction of sorts)

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Welcome! I’m blogging my way through what will eventually be a book about dating. You can find all of the book posts here. Below is what will most likely be the book’s introduction, though there may be changes by the time it’s in book form. I know that many authors write the introduction after they’ve finished writing the rest of the book, so we’ll see! I have some initial thoughts before I jump into the main content, so here we go…

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The one lacking a good title and conclusion. But it’s something.

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I’ve been having the hardest time writing the last two weeks. I am in a season of life I affectionately call the Doozie Days because most evenings I find myself thinking, “Boy, that was a doozie.” I love it, and I’ll miss it when this season is over. But whoa. Let’s just say there are lots of moving parts and people. My time to write happens in a few minutes here and there, yet when those little pockets do arrive I find I have a lot of mental clutter to wade through before actual writing happens.

“I’m the worst writer ever. Why am I even bothering? This is dumb. Is any of this even helpful? Oh look, time’s up. I need to go…”

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Book Post 2: a title and table of contents!

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My family and I had a great time up at Hume Lake last week. Our kids went to day camp for a few hours each day, which means I had some free time to write while sitting by a beautiful lake. It was dreamy.

One day as we were talking to a friend that lives up there, Trav casually mentioned I’d been writing that morning. My friend turned to me and asked me what I was writing about. Cue the awkward pause and then me stuttering something about trying to write a book. Then he kindly asked what the book was about, and I fumbled my way through another answer. Trav jumped in and explained the book better than I did. Bless him. It made me realize it was time for me to stop being embarrassed about attempting to write a book. And I needed to pick a title and write a pitch so I can talk about the thing with some clarity.

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