Game Changers in my Daily Routine

I’ve made a few changes to my daily routine in the last month, and they have been so helpful! They were little changes that don’t seem significant, but they actually relieve stress for me and help me choose patience and a quiet spirit in the midst of busy days with little kids. I know you’re just dying to hear about my laundry, so without further ado…Click here to read more…

Lots of Linky Goodness

Hiya. I thought I’d share some random stuff that caught my attention this week. Click here to read more…

From my camera roll: mid-January 2017

What have we been up to recently? I’M SO GLAD YOU ASKED. Here are a few snapshots from the last two weeks.

This first one is an excellent reminder to always look for good lighting. Cade was hanging out in his walker by the front door, which is a spot that gets great natural light at certain times of the day. He’s always adorable in my totally biased opinion, but the amazing lighting takes it up a notch. Click here to read more…

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