Well, hello 2017

Happy New Year, friends! How’s 2017 treating ya so far? I haven’t nailed down any super specific goals yet, but I do have a desire to find a way to remember and notice my days a little more. Tonight I scrolled through my camera roll and pulled out some pictures from this week. Here’s my attempt at taking note of this beautiful and ordinary life I’ve been given. Click here to read more…

Make a Holiday Dating Plan

The holidays are almost here! I love me some Thanksgiving- the food, family, thankfulness. The food. =) And don’t even get me started on how much I love Christmas. Music, Advent, Jesus, presents! So many things to love. Oh, I almost forgot Christmas trees! Decorations! Twinkle lights! Love, love, love.

Back when I was single, I enjoyed all those things, but there was also an extra amount of loneliness and sadness for me during the holiday season. Married life brings its own set of complexities to work through during the holidays (more on that another time), but generally speaking I am more content now in November and December than I was before I got married. My singleness felt heavier and harder when Thanksgiving and Christmas rolled around each year.Click here to read more…

How you doin’?

Anyone have any ideas for the best way to start a blog post after many months of not posting?


Me neither.

So, here we are. I just set a timer for 30 minutes, and I’m daring myself to hit publish when the timer goes off. I have a lot of valid reasons for why writing and blogging are difficult to accomplish these days, and yet I still really want to write. I better just go for it. Time to ignore the critic and perfectionist in my head. We’ll see how that goes. =)

Since I last posted here, Click here to read more…

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Welcome! I'm Laura- a follower of Jesus, wife, mama, hostess, lifetime band nerd, California girl, and amateur dating coach. Thanks for stopping by!

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