The one lacking a good title and conclusion. But it’s something.

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I’ve been having the hardest time writing the last two weeks. I am in a season of life I affectionately call the Doozie Days because most evenings I find myself thinking, “Boy, that was a doozie.” I love it, and I’ll miss it when this season is over. But whoa. Let’s just say there are lots of moving parts and people. My time to write happens in a few minutes here and there, yet when those little pockets do arrive I find I have a lot of mental clutter to wade through before actual writing happens.

“I’m the worst writer ever. Why am I even bothering? This is dumb. Is any of this even helpful? Oh look, time’s up. I need to go…”

I have a mindset issue is what I’m admitting. So many unhelpful thoughts. Funny thing is, shifting one’s mindset is exactly what I want to write about next for my book. I just need to get out of my own way.

Yesterday I was fed up enough to realize I needed to just write something. Anything. In a lovely moment of good timing, a friend texted to thank me for helping her find a new babysitter. She jokingly said, “Thanks for the set up!” She and I did some informal dating coaching a few years ago, so her set up reference made me laugh and then inspired me to write. =) Three cheers for seeking out set ups in every life stage! Need a date? A babysitter? A good bread recipe? Book recommendation? Encouragement? Ask around!

The proactive mindset isn’t fancy. It’s simply remembering that there’s always something you can do. What’s one thing you can do in a situation where change is needed? My friend decided to ask moms she knew about babysitting possibilities. I decided to write a blog post and publish it without overthinking about it. If you’d like to be dating, maybe you can say hi to someone new or say yes to going to that party that’s coming up or be the one to throw the party or ask a friend about a setup or spend 10 minutes on a dating app or… there are lots of options!

One more thing I’m reminding myself of today- we can always pray and ask the Lord for help. When you feel so stuck that there is nothing to be done about it, there is actually something you can do. Be stuck like a Christian- run to the living God! He hears you. He loves to give us wisdom and new ideas and hope.

Ok. Bye. (Can we talk about how I need to work on blog post conclusions? I often feel awkward at the end. Help.)

  • I could relate to having a hard time writing and all the lies we tell ourselves. Im encouraged to just write something down. Thanks for giving me that nudge. By the way you are a fantastic writer and your funny humor comes out and puts a smile on im sure not just my face. Keep writing girl! You got this!

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