My second date with a podcast

In dating & marriage    June 23, 2022      0 Comments

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Chris and Alisa Grace on their podcast that’s hosted by Biola’s Center for Marriage and Relationships. We recorded the episode last fall and it was released at the end of March, so I’m thinking it’s about time I linked it here on the blog.

You can listen to the episode or read the transcript here on Biola’s website or find it on the Apple podcast app here.

I was so pleased with how the episode turned out! The interview ended up giving a great overview of my work and summarized much of the dating advice I tend to give out. Share it with a friend who would like to get married someday! It may help start some encouraging conversations and will be a helpful introduction to proactive dating.

This was the second time I was on a podcast, and I’d say the second date went well. Do I want to hang out with a podcast one more time? I think yes. Stay tuned…

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