Book Post 1: Blogging a Book

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Whelp. Over on instagram stories the other day, I shared some dating encouragement about seeking out set ups. It was great! Then at the end, I mentioned I’d be taking instagram off of my phone for a few days so I can focus on blogging and writing my book. And now I want to burn my phone and die a little bit.

Why oh why did I remind people that I might be writing a book?!?

Funny thing is, being vulnerable about this big goal of writing a dating book reminds me so much of when I started being honest about wanting to get married. It’s rather scary to tell people about something you want that you can’t guarantee will happen. I’m finding that the trick is to remember that while I’m scared of failing, I’m even more afraid of never trying. (Cheesy, but true.) I’ll be so mad at myself if I don’t give this a go! Saying it out loud is a good first step.

So… here we are. What’s the plan, you ask? Well, I have notecards. Color coded, because of course they are.

What you see are a bunch of ideas that I think might be a book. (Or maybe a podcast? Time will tell.) For now, I’ve decided to blog my way through the cards with the hope of eventually compiling those posts into a self-published book. Blogging a book is a whole thing (I’m reading this book about it- you’ll never guess the title), and I think it is a wise way forward for me. I can be a bit dramatic when I’m all alone inside my head (see the beginning of this post), so posting sections or chapters as I write them will keep me from over thinking things too much. Plus, I’d love to be able to encourage people right now as they date rather than waiting for a book to be completed. It’s entirely possible to meet someone and get married in the time the book process takes! So, I say let’s get to it, one post at a time.

For now, I’m thinking I’ll number each post title so you can know it’s a part of the dating book series. I hope to keep blogging about other random life stuff as well, like this post from last week.

My notecards and I are excited to see how this all pans out. And in my freak out moments I take a deep breath and remember that if the whole thing is a flop I can pivot and make a new plan. Ha. Thanks for coming along with me!

  • I think that’s fantastic!! I think even in the process of writing the blogs you will help so many people, and I know there’s so much you can share! Excited to see it come to fruition!

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