Hey, Mrs. Austin has a podcast

In dating & marriage    January 24, 2023      0 Comments

I started a podcast! You’ll never guess what it’s about- dating, of course! I thought it was time to get my dating thoughts into a book, but for now it turns out that a podcast is a better idea. Let’s be honest… I talk a lot and I’ve never met a mic I didn’t mind talking into. =) I hope the words I share are an encouragement to you as you seek to date with wisdom, grace, and hope. May the Lord take my simple offering and bless it abundantly as only He can do.

You can listen to Hey, Mrs. Austin: a dating podcast here on the blog or click on any of the links below. Other podcast apps pull from the sites I’ve listed, so you can also search for it on your preferred app.

Apple Podcasts


Amazon Music


Google podcasts

Happy listening!

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