Your dating history

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Have you ever written out your dating history and looked for habits or patterns? This is a great practice if you need ideas for proactive next steps to take. Once you’ve found a pattern, you can try tweaking it and see if it helps you head in a new direction. Check out this podcast episode if you want to hear some examples!

Below you’ll find a list of questions to get you thinking about your past dating experiences. Jot down your answers in your journal or type out a list- whatever works for you!

  • When did you first like a guy and want to date? Did anything come from that first crush?
  • How did your parents talk to you about dating? Was it viewed negatively or positively?
  • What significant romantic relationships have you been in? Boyfriends, crushes, just friends, etc. 
  • When was your most recent dating experience? Is there anyone you’re interested in currently?
  • Have you ever tried online dating or dating apps? What went well and what didn’t?
  • Have you been set up on many blind dates? 
  • What do you think are some pain points for you in dating? Do you have trouble meeting new men? Getting asked out? Or do you go on a couple dates and then nothing more happens? Do you notice any patterns in your past that you’d be up for trying to tweak?
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