Be a thermostat- set the tone of your dating life

In this, that, & the other    February 1, 2022      0 Comments

A weather thermometer tells you the current temperature of the air. States a fact and that’s it. A thermostat does the same, except it also allows you to set the ideal temperature and then kicks on the a/c or heat. It gives you control.

Which one are you in your dating life? Do you just state the facts (no boyfriend, haven’t met anyone, got ghosted, feeling hopeless) or do you acknowledge the facts and then see where you have control over how to respond?

I first heard this analogy from Kate at Naptime Kitchen in the context of mothering. It’s been so helpful for me. I can let the busyness of life with little kids take over or I can be intentional to orchestrate our days and set the tone in our home. I do not have complete control of course, but I have some! Keeping in mind that “I am the thermostat!” is particularly helpful on difficult days. Maybe it can encourage you when you’re feeling stuck in your dating life. There is always something you can do! Pray, seek out advice from a wise friend, try something new, make it a priority to meet new people, do something that brings you joy. These all move you toward growth in your dating life.

With the Lord’s gracious help, you get to set the temp!

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