Welcome! I’m Laura. Thanks for visiting my blog!

I taught 4th and 5th grade for 11 years, so you’ll find fun stories about my students in my old posts with the Starfish Files tag.

I got married when I was 32, which was a whole lot later than I had hoped or planned on. The way God brought my wonderful husband and I together is a fun (and rather remarkable!) story, so I started writing about it. It can be read in the following order:

Post 1- My Writing Goals and the Start of a Story

Post 2- The book that gave me a swift kick in the hiney

Post 3- Practice, practice, practice

Post 4- A party, some therapy, and happy ending #1

Post 5- MeetTrav

Post 6- My Big Move

Post 7- Happy Ending #2

I love to encourage others to date with wisdom and intention. I write about that here in the Dating & Marriage Category, and you can also find me on Instagram- @heymrsaustin.


Currently I stay at home with my daughter, Savannah (age 4) and son, Cade (age 2). It is both a dream come true (I seriously love it) and the hardest job I’ve ever had.


I like decorating my home in Southern California, throwing parties, going to church, talking with friends, helping people date well, reading, napping, living life with my husband, and seeing how God shows himself to us throughout our days. I hope this blog shows a bit of his grace to you!

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