Why’s that girl always talking about dating?

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Thanks for all the great feedback about the conclusion to my dating story! It feels so good to have finally accomplished a writing goal that I set so long ago. Although, now I’m all, “What do I write about next?” Fortunately, I’m not lacking in post ideas. It’s more that I don’t quite know which one to pick first. I’ve decided not to think too hard about it and just keep writing.

I know this blog will continue to be a collection of things I’m experiencing and learning, but I also know that I want to keep a conversation going about how to date well. Which, if you think about it, is a little weird since I am no longer dating. Don’t want to be dating. Very happily married girl over here. But I still often find myself interested in talking with friends that are navigating the dating world. I’m drawn to articles, books, and podcasts that give dating advice. Why? Well, as you can tell from my previous posts, my dating journey to getting married marked me in substantial ways and was the catalyst for a huge amount of personal growth. And those experiences are often the ones we love to talk about with others. As I’ve shared my story and heard from many of you, I’ve noticed a few things that motivate me to keep seeking dating wisdom and writing about it.

First of all, when someone who is single (typically a girl, but every once in a while a guy) contacts me and shares that she wants to be married and have a family, the conversation can go a million directions as far as frustrations with dating or how to wisely move forward. But, inevitably we end up talking about her relationship with Jesus. She connected with my story because she finds herself asking the same questions that I did. Where are you, God? Have you forgotten me? Do you hear me when I pray? I get to remind her of the simple answers to those questions (He’s so near! No, He hasn’t forgotten you! Yes, He hears you!), and walk with her as she works out the harder part of truly believing and walking in those truths. We talk about what she believes and whether or not the way she lives matches up with those beliefs. Talking about dating and marriage has become a discipleship niche for me, and I can’t even tell you how much I love that. Mentors have played such an incredible role in my life and faith, and I’m humbled and honored that this blog could even play a small part in someone else’s process as they seek God.

I also hear from married people that have single friends they care deeply about, but they don’t know how to encourage them or give advice about dating. I hear a lot of, “I sent my friend a link to your blog, but I’m not sure how else I can help.” I love getting to thank these dear people for sharing my blog with someone (what fun!), and I also tell them there are many ways they can help their friends move toward marriage. Remember all the times I mentioned my dating coach, Amy? She started out as my friend at work. A friend with a very different dating story than mine- she met her husband when she was 20, got married a year and a half later, and started having kids in her mid-twenties. Not much for her and I to relate about when it came to the dating department. Turns out that didn’t matter much, if at all. I learned so many things from her about how to love people well as they date, and I want to write those lessons down here. I hope to encourage you to consider how you might be a cheerleader and, dare I say, a dating coach for someone in your life that desires marriage. Here’s a tip to get you started- ask your friend if he or she wants to be married. If she says yes, then start listening. Next you should listen and listen. And then do more listening. You can do it!

If you have any dating questions or topics you find interesting, I’d love to hear your suggestions in the comments or on Facebook. Or shoot me a message via the Contact form. You’ve got options. I know dating isn’t everyone’s favorite topic, but it sure is one of mine. I’m looking forward to keeping the conversation going. Oh, and I also have some new favorite shoes and pens to tell you about. Plus some cute pictures of Savannah. I’m consistently random in what I’m passionate about around here. Thanks for tagging along.

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