Set Up Saturday

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In my ongoing effort to make set ups more casual and common, I’ve decided to declare a monthly holiday- Set Up Saturday! Every second Saturday of the month (yay for alliteration), I’m going to pray and consider if I know any single friends I can introduce to one another. And if anyone comes to mind, I’m going to take simple steps to make it happen. Want to join me?

You may wonder why I’m bothering to set aside a particular day for such a thing. Well, we all get busy with our own lives, and it can be easy to forget to consider setting up our single friends. This happens to me, and I think about dating a lot! I’d love to see casual introductions increase in Christian communities, and when you first start a new habit it can be wise to schedule it with intention. Set Up Saturdays will be a helpful tool to remind us all to pray for our single friends who would like to be dating and consider how we might help them meet new people.

Set Up Saturdays will also be a helpful tool for single people who are dating. First of all, what if your dating life included cheering other single friends on by introducing them to new people? You can be the one looking for set ups AND helping other people get set up on blind dates. Win win!

And secondly, setting aside a day each month to pray and consider asking friends to set you up is a way to help yourself persevere in your dating life. Creating rhythms and routines as you date helps you conserve your energy because you have a plan. Your monthly routine will now include a day when you ask yourself, “Who is in my life that might know other single people I’ve never met before? How can I reach out to them?”

Here are a few tips for Set Up Saturdays:

  • create a reminder on your calendar for Set Up Saturdays every second Saturday of the month (see pics below for where to do that on the calendar app on iPhones- oddly enough this is the first time I’ve used the “custom” option in the Repeat menu, but it was easy!)
  • On Set Up Saturday, take a few minutes to pray for the single friends you know who would like to be married. Ask the Lord to give you ideas of people you can connect!
  • Read this post and this other post about set ups to help your mindset as you introduce people. (hint: you’re not introducing people to their future spouse. You’re just helping them meet a new person. That’s it. Let’s all chill.)
  • Let your single friend be the one driving the introduction. Ask them if they are open to set ups. If yes, ask how they’d like to be introduced when you think of someone. Maybe they want to exchange phone numbers, maybe they want more info or to look at social media profiles to decide if they want to chat with the person, maybe they want to meet at a casual dinner party. Let them decide!
  • Keep it simple: Pray, Consider, Reach out

Alright, happy Set Up Saturday! Let’s get to it!

Here are screenshots of how I added the event to my calendar…

Create an event and select Repeat

In the Repeat menu, select Custom

Choose Second and Saturday

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