Whoa! That’s quite a rollercoaster!

Today is really a mixed-bag kind of day. Here’s a run-down:

Getting up at 5 am to put together sub plans: lame. (There is something intrinsically wrong about driving to work with my headlights on)

Reporting for jury duty at 8 am for the 2nd time in 18 months: also lame. *See below for boring backstory

Feeling proud to be an American citizen and exercise my civic duty: fleeting moment.

Enjoying some wait time in the juror room because my name wasn’t called for the first trial, getting some grading done, and hoping I can get excused: pretty good.

Being told to return tomorrow at 9 am to be in the selection process for a trial that will last 10 days: ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

Explaining that I really need a postponement and apologizing for not doing that in the first place: humbling.

Being told that I’ll still have to come tomorrow and explain my specific situation to the judge who may or may not excuse me: irritating, but somewhat hopeful.

Holding back the tears because that is SO not what I wanted to have happen: I’m a big baby.

Getting released at 10 am and having the rest of the day off: lovely.

Feeling guilty about having the day off: really lame.

Feeling stupid for feeling guilty about having the day off since I actually have a few hours of work to do on my report cards and new sub plans for tomorrow, so I should really just be thankful for extra time to get it all done: confusing and seriously ridiculous.

Remembering that although my emotions can take me on a roller coaster ride, God is unchanging and loving and he’ll help me sort it all out: encouraging.

Having a little time to blog: fun.

Finding a funny cookie monster clip that perfectly communicates how I’m feeling: excellent.

Subsequently discovering another Sesame Street clip with my celebrity crush, Jason Bateman: comforting. =)

I’m praying that you’re able to seek the Lord in the midst of your ups and downs of today! And call me or Elmo if you need a hug!

*Boring Backstory- I received a jury summons a couple months ago that told me to call in last Friday afternoon. This is my 3rd jury summons in the last few years- lucky me! The first time I had to call in and my group was excused without me ever having to report to the court. The second time, I postponed it until summer break, which means I had to go in (postponing forfeits the call in option), and I was put on a trial that lasted for three days. Three strikes and you’re out, Mr. Drunk Driver. So, this time I took a risk, and just decided to call in and hope that my juror group would not be asked to report. By definition, a risk has a chance to fail, and that’s what happened. Ignorance was bliss all day Saturday since I forgot to call on Friday, but that meant that I didn’t know I needed to write sub plans until about 5 pm on Sunday when I finally remembered to call in. Hence the early morning.

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  • “Remembering that although my emotions can take me on a roller coaster ride, God is unchanging and loving and he’ll help me sort it all out: encouraging.”

    I wish that were easier to remember.
    Any thank you for the awesome and comforting Jason Bateman clip 🙂

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