Sometimes No Plan = Great Plan

In this, that, & the other    July 28, 2010      0 Comments

We found out a couple of days before we arrived in Paris that we would be in town at the same time as the Tour de France, but we didn’t really make a plan to go watch because of the crazy crowds.

Turns out that no plan was the best plan, because as we were walking to the Museum D’Orsay, we had to take a detour because of the Tour’s route. As we walked behind the people waiting to watch, we got the sense from the murmurings of the onlookers that some riders were about to come by. So, we moved a little ways away to a higher spot on a bridge about 50 yards from the route. And low and behold, 5 minutes later (I’m serious- 5 min after we got there) the helicopters flew over, the police cars drove through, and then a group of cyclists rode on by. We have no idea who they were or how well they were doing, but they were fast and we felt pretty cool after having seen them. Pictures and a not-that-great-but-it-proves-it-happened video coming soon.

Truth be told, I haven’t even heard who won. Anyone know? =)

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