Sing your song

In this, that, & the other    May 11, 2018      0 Comments

I’ve lost track of what month of our house renovation we’re on, but we’re getting close to moving into the new bedrooms! Right now the painters are here, and I am oh, so excited to see some pretty color on the walls in a few days after all their careful prep.

Most of the subcontractors that have worked at the house have played music while they work. Oldies, classic rock, 80’s music. You know, the usual. Today, I recognized the melody of a worship song coming from the other room, though I couldn’t understand the lyrics since they were in Spanish. One of the painters was singing every word. Hearing a twenty-something-year-old man worship Jesus while he went about his work blessed me so much. Plus, hearing someone worship God in another language always makes me weepy. It reminds me of heaven and gives me a glimpse of how much bigger God is than what I can comprehend. The painter’s worship reminded my heart to worship.

Earlier this week, a friend of mine posted a picture of her beautiful babies with a caption that said she was so thankful to be living the mom life. It made me pause in the midst of the mundane tasks of the day and remember that I’m right in the middle of my own dream for motherhood come true. Her thankful words reminded my heart to choose gratefulness.

My kids and I were in the front yard just now and saw a friend of ours out for a walk. Cade got a huge smile on his face and started to run down the sidewalk to say hello. From a few doors down, I could see the joy spread across my friend’s face as he saw Cade run toward him. My son’s joy brought joy to someone else.

The video below is about a little bird learning to sing his song for the world. I watch it whenever I need to be reminded to just be me and sing the song I’ve been given. (Note: I watched it twice while writing this post.) His song helps me remember what I have to give. I hope it encourages you to do the same. Sing your song, friend. There’s someone that will be blessed to hear it.

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