Savannah Riley- 2 months!

In family life    August 1, 2014      1 Comments

Month two with our little lovey! Here’s what she’s been up to…

  • She smiles! =D



  • And she’s cute when she’s serious, too. Plus I love her feet. So much.


  • She weighs 11.5 pounds and we haven’t measured her length recently.


  •  She loves the polka dot wall in her room. She just stares and stares at it. I put up the dots because I thought they were fun, not even thinking about the fact that newborns like simple patterns. I love a girl that enjoys a good polka dot.


  • She is very strong. If her feet are up against me, she almost pushes herself off my lap if I’m not careful. She loves to kick! And she holds her head up and likes to look around.
  • She makes the cutest noises. When she’s content, angry, right after she sneezes…it’s all adorable.
  • She still likes baths. Trav has taken over nightly bathtime, and it’s so sweet to listen to them from the other room.


  • She started following us with her eyes when we walk across the room, which we think is pretty neat.
  • She is sleeping like a champ at night- she’ll consistently sleep for 5 or 6 hours. Yippee! Like I go to bed when it’s dark and then the next time we’re up, the sun is starting to rise! I haven’t actually gotten used to it yet- I sleep really lightly and wake up even when she doesn’t need me. Naps have just recently gotten more difficult, mainly because Girlfriend does not want to miss a thing! Now that she’s coming out of the super-brand-new-baby-I-sleep-all-the-time phase, she is so alert and loves to look around. She’ll start to yawn and act tired, but she will fight it with all she’s got. Trav and I both hate missing out on things (a bad case of fomo = fear of missing out), so I think we passed it along to her. We keep trying to tell her that the more you sleep, the more you can party later, but she doesn’t seem to be buying it yet. =)
  • Her best friend is the ceiling fan. Oh, how she loves just gazing at it above her.
  • The nickname Savvy seems to be sticking. We still say Savannah a lot, but we like that she’s got a cute nickname, too.
  • Did I mention that she smiles? =D



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