Know Your Why

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The start of the new year got me thinking a lot about my WHY- the reasons behind the decisions I make about… well, everything. I first saw the video below about a year ago, and it impacted me then quite a bit. But more recently I went and watched it again, and it really got my wheels spinning. I highly value the fact that you are spending your time reading my blog, and I think you’ll find the video well worth 4 minutes…

Michael Jr.- Knowing Your Why

I mean, come on now! Doesn’t that just make ya FEEL some things? Glory!

First of all, what an amazing voice. I want my life to “sing” the Gospel with the feeling of the second time he sang Amazing Grace. Sometimes my heart drifts and I end up going through the motions of faith. Lord, help me keep in mind what I’ve been saved from and who I’ve been saved to, so I can live with deep joy and feeling.

Secondly, I love LOVE the way Michael Jr. uses his on-the-spot interaction with the singer to help us see how intention and purpose can greatly alter the impact we’re able to have. The video really speaks well enough on its own, but I’ll leave you with a little peek into some of the questions I’m praying through:

Why am I a stay-at-home-mom? Why do I have a babysitter one morning a week so I’m away from my kids? Why do I choose the activities I do with my kids? Why do I want to grow in my relationship with Trav? Why do I read my Bible? Why do we go to church? Why do I write? Why do I post on social media? Why do I talk about dating a lot? Why do I create? Why are we renovating our home?

Have you thought about your why lately?

  • Whoa! That man can SING from the deepest part of his soul!!! I certainly can see why you included this video, Laura. Your comment about wanting your purposeful life to sing the Gospel like that makes perfect sense. That’s a “want” God gladly fulfills.

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