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Tonight I loaded the dishwasher with my tetris-honed skills, but when I pushed the start button, nothing happened. Uh-oh.

More button pushing ensued, items were rearranged, the door was closed harder, then softer, then harder again. Nothing. Roommate came out and went through the same motions. Still nothing.


See, I have been quite spoiled when it comes to dishwashers- every place I’ve ever lived has had one. And I really have no intention of changing that pattern. So, when ours wouldn’t start tonight, my first thought was, “How can I get this fixed for free and as quickly as possible so that I don’t have to hand wash that load of dishes in there.” There is no shame in being high maintenance as long as you’re willing to admit it.

The phrase “we need a man around here” gets thrown around more times than I can keep track of, and tonight was no exception. Thankfully, I knew I could send out an S.O.S. on facebook and one of our wonderfully helpful guy friends would take a look at it at Dinner Club tomorrow night and hopefully solve the problem.

But I decided to try one more thing before sending out for help. I set aside my initial female thoughts and feelings (“It’s broken. I feel too tired to clean all those dishes tonight. What if it’s expensive to fix or if I have to buy a new one? Ooh, maybe I can get one in a cool color.”) and then I took a moment to think like a man. And I immediately knew the very first question that Mr. Fix-It would ask when he arrived on the scene:

“Did you try unplugging it and then plugging it back in?”

Huh. A plug for the dishwasher. The appliance that I normally categorize as water-based. Where in the world does that thing get its power? I proceeded to go on a hunt under the sink and low and behold, there was the dishwasher plug that had come a little loose from it’s outlet. So, I pushed that bad boy in and botta-bing-botta-boom, the dishwasher is humming away as I write.

Any high fives for my incredible feat will be gladly accepted, both via a blog comment or in person.

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