Before Pictures of Phase 2

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Phase 2 is the kitchen and breakfast/utility room. Never in my wildest dreams did I imagine that I would get to re-do an entire kitchen. I’m having to pinch myself!

The wall that goes through the middle of this space (in the pic below) will be removed. The entire room will be gutted, so we’ll just be left with a blank slate. Our desire is to put in a kitchen that fits in with the craftsman style, but is beautifully up-dated.


We love all the windows.


That door leads into another bedroom, but we’ll be removing the doorway to create more wall space in both rooms.


There’s the doorway into the dining room that will be enlarged.


Here’s the utility room by the back door. Lovely hole in the wall. This pic just barely shows a doorway on the far left- it leads to the weird added on space. That doorway will be removed. This space will be a laundry room, mud room, and maybe a spot for a small breakfast table.


Now I’m standing at the back door, looking back into the kitchen. You can see how the fridge is back in this awkward space because it doesn’t fit in the official kitchen. I’m super excited to see that wall removed!



Escrow closes in the morning, and demo starts asap! Woo hoo!

    • I haven’t watched that show before, but you’re the third person to mention it. I’m going to check it out for some inspiration!

    • We wanted to, but they really weren’t great. The built-ins in the front room are fabulous, but the kitchen was rather disappointing. Thanks for the tip about the doors though- they are so dirty that I was tempted to start over, but your advice about the number of panels being hard to find now was super helpful. We’ll clean ’em up and they’ll be great! I’m bummed because there is only one set of original door knobs. The others were all replaced at some point. I’m going to get new ones that mimic the old style.

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