A New Place

In teaching    September 1, 2010      7 Comments

Well, I’ve got marker all over my hands, I’m contentedly tired after a hard day’s work, and I made 30 new little friends today. That’s right- a new school year has started!

I moved into a new classroom this year, and I’m really loving it. I like making my classroom a place that is functional and enjoyable for my students, but also a place that I like being in everyday. I don’t go too crazy with decor themes, but I do like a little something that ties everything together. So this year, I went with polka dots because I just can’t get enough of them. Here are some pictures!

Found this wrapping paper to use for my door, and I just think it is so stinkin’ cute.

View from when you first walk in the door.

Spidey’s got a new gig: class librarian.

Social Studies & Science boards

Nerd alert: I really like my new calendar and the blue/black & white polka dot combo. I mean REALLY like.

Looking back at the door

It’s even more fun when it’s full of 9 year-olds!

  • I would want to go and learn there. I’m glad to see Spidey is still doing his part to save the world, one school room at a time.

    -J Shoe

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