10 Minutes

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Hi friends! Just wanted to check in and say hi. Both kids have started swim lessons this week, and it’s quite the commitment! The lessons are Monday through Friday for 4-6 weeks. I found a program called ISR through a friend that posted about it on facebook. It caught my attention because they work with babies, so Cade is able to start this summer. The instructor in our area is doing the lessons at a home in Tustin this month, so we are driving half an hour each way every day. The first couple of days were nutty, but we’re getting into a nice routine.

One of the unique features of these lessons is that they are only 10 minutes long. It’s a private lesson, so Cade does 10 minutes and then Savvy has her 10 minutes. The short time allows it to be intensive without overexerting them. It has been fascinating to see the improvement from day to day. We’re only four days in, and yet I’ve seen them both gain new skills. And there’s slightly less screaming. 😬

I’ve been discouraged that I haven’t written as much this week as last week. But then I thought about those 10 minute swim lessons and how a little bit every day can actually make a difference. So, this morning I spent 10 minutes working on a dating post. It’s still needs more work, but I made some forward progress. And right now I’m writing this simple little update to say hey. Took me about 10 minutes.

Is there something you want that you can spend 10 minutes on today?

  • P. S. Good for you for going to all the trouble to see that Savvy and Cade are getting ready to swim. Familiarity with water–its pleasures and dangers–serves as an invaluable safeguard. 10-minute lessons for each of them and 10 minutes of writing for you–that’s what I call a good day for a young mom!

  • I just now got to read your post about the Maui trip, Laura, and I loved part about setting realistic expectations. Your tips about what to bring, what to buy, and what to rent were wonderfully practical. I’m amazed to see all the new products and devices that have become available since my boys were little and traveling with us! And, I’m thrilled to know that all nine of you enjoyed a wonderful time together!!!

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