Try Replacing But with And, then Add So

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A friend posted this quote recently from Roz Zander:

“Try replacing but with and, then add so.”

That’s a lot of conjunctions for one sentence (do you have Conjunction Junction from School House Rock in your head now? You’re welcome), but I think it is a super helpful way to consider proactive steps for solving problems and moving toward your dreams. Here are some examples of replacing a BUT with AND, then adding a SO in relation to dating and getting married:

“I want to get married, but there aren’t any eligible men in my area” turns into “I want to get married and there aren’t any eligible men in my area, so I’m going to ask some friends who live in a different area to set me up.”

“I want to date, but I never get asked out” turns into “I want to date and I never get asked out, so I’m going to consider how I interact with new men and think of ways to encourage them.”

“I want to be in a healthy relationship, but it hasn’t happened yet” turns into “I want to be in a healthy relationship and it hasn’t happened yet, so I’m going to keep praying and seeking wise council for this area of my life.”

How could you replace a BUT with AND, then add SO?

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