These Are the Days

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This season with little kids goes by so quickly and simultaneously so slowly. It feels like I blink and suddenly three months have passed while at the same time my heart sometimes feels a bit lulled to sleep by the daily tasks of mothering young children. So, in an effort to pay attention, I’ve been writing down the simple things that fill our time together. The extraordinary in our ordinary.

These are the days of…

… playdoh. All the time. Everywhere. And the mama enjoys playing with it almost as much as the toddler does.

… quiet (sort of) mornings with Cade before Savvy wakes up.

… cheerios. Yum.

… slightly damp cheerios. Eeew, gross, I hate them.

… Sophia the First, Little Einsteins, and Daniel Tiger. Ugga Mugga!

… Savvy coming to us with a plan (go to the park, visit a friend, go to Chick-fil-A) and then saying, “Mama, is that a good idea?”

… playing in the kiddie pool or water table.

… Savvy walking around humming to herself. It’s the best.

… pat, splat, pat, splat, pat, splat as Cade crawls around the house on the hard wood floors.

… potty training. She rocks. We rock. I’m just so very proud of all of us!

… “Look, Mommy! It’s just my size!” Said whenever she gets to use a sink with a low counter or a kid toilet. Or really anything that she can use “All by myself!”

… lots of sweet giggles.

… hearing Cade play, play, play in our little kid kitchen. So many things to tap and throw!

… spending most of our time together at home. I’m soaking it up.

What have your days been filled with recently?

For everything there is a season,

and a time for every matter under heaven.

Ecclesiastes 3:1

  • Laura, I just love that you are writing these things down! Our son Chad has a file he keeps all of Phineas’ quotes in.. so smart! Phineas just turned FIVE yesterday (WHAT?? FIVE???) and the day before he gave his dad a list:
    “No arguments or being rude on my birthday. And no doing things I don’t want to do.. Don’t be a pest. Those are the rules for my birthday.” He just cracks me up.

    You and Travis are going a GREAT job!

  • I can relate to ALL of this. Minus the positive experience with potty training. We are not rocking it so much. Love this season with tiny people, despite how flippin exhausting it can be. What a joy!

    • So fun and so tiring! It’s true! I’m sorry that potty training has been so hard. It has not been all fabulous for us of course. But we seem to be in a good routine. I hope things take a turn for you soon!

  • Laura, thanks for posting this. It brings back those fun memories of how fun it was to play with playdoh, and celebrate developmental milestones! I’m in the season of reflecting on how fast that time really goes, and the shock of when your child graduates from high school. The activities that I’ve been blessed to do with Jake this summer have been zip lining, cycling, kayaking, hiking, and travel. Talk about a change of seasons! It’s great fun!!!

    • I love that, Cindy! I seriously can’t wrap my mind around the fact that Jake just finished high school. Time flies!

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