Thankful Thursday: March 25th

In this, that, & the other    March 25, 2010      0 Comments

This week I’m thankful for. . .

. . . joy in the morning. I am only a morning person by training, not nature, so the first couple of minutes after my alarm goes off can be a little rough. This week has seen it’s fair share of snoozing, but I have gotten up with hope in my heart for each new day.

. . . the news that Traci and Jonathan, and sweet Katie and baby Carly, will be back from Portugal on home assignment for 6 months in 2011. Yay! This makes me seriously happy.

. . . my wonderful family members who are celebrating birthdays this week: Uncle Wally, Aunt Trish, cousin Kelly, Dad, and Mom. Yep, a cluster!

. . . a kid’s song, called Miracles, written by my friend Walt Harrah. His wife, Sherry, played it for us when she taught about the battle of Jericho last week at women’s Bible study, and I just love the lyrics. I’m also a sucker for a kids’ choir, but that’s beside the point. Let God fight for you! He’s got strength to spare!

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