Starfish Files: Mr. Manatee

In teaching    March 11, 2010      1 Comments

I mentioned last week that my students are really enjoying the animal unit we’ve been studying in science. Sometime in the last month, one little friend asked if he could bring in his favorite stuffed animal for show and tell, which of course led to lots of little friends wanting to do the same. I’ve been all for it, because I never really outgrew my love for stuffed animals. My collection is really only held at bay by my equally strong dislike of clutter, and fortunately my classroom provides a normal/socially acceptable place for me to keep a few treasures. The kids in my class have brought in quite a variety of critters- there’s been your standard bear in various colors, an alligator, a chimpanzee.

But one animal in particular has captured the hearts of all present in Room 21. . . Mr. Manatee. He was one of the first to visit us, and he’s continued to return every day for the last two weeks. This week, he has shown up each day with a new life purpose and outfit (made from paper- love that!):

One day a vegetarian chef:

The next day, a superhero.

I’ve heard rumors of a possible firefighting adventure, but he and his owner were absent today, so we’ll just have to wait and see what’s next. Any suggestions?

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