New Starfish

In teaching    September 4, 2010      4 Comments

New school year, new starfish files. 30 new little people, each with their own little personalities and life stories.

I thought you might like to see some of their self-portraits. Well, self-portraits if they were a part of the Peanuts Gang. Last year I realized how easy it is to draw Charlie Brown, so I gave my class a little lesson on how to draw themselves with a big, round head and a capital ‘C’ for a nose, and then I let them loose. They also wrote a few adjectives that describe them. I miss my kiddos from last year’s class (a lot, actually!), but this year’s group is pretty cute so far. =)

Love the hair on this one, and he’s nice, not ice. I accidentally cut off the word.

I don’t think he’s related to MC Hammer, but I don’t know him that well yet, so who knows!

One of my favorite drawings:

Umm, not sure what’s going on here. Lots of ear and lots of fingers. Hilarious.

And here’s mine. . .

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