Just a little note…

I love hand written notes. Words of affirmation are my number one love language, and I love paper. So, a handwritten note just makes me happy. =o)

I ran across this note that my parents wrote to me FOREVER ago. I think I was in 1st or 2nd grade, and they left it on my desk after going to Back to School Night:

Hi Laura,

Daddy loves you. I * am proud that you read and like school. Keep studying hard and be kind to everyone.
*Here he switches to block printing. I can imagine my mom leaning over and saying, “Larry, she can’t read cursive yet.”
Dear Laura,
It’s fun to sit at your desk and write with your chocolate pencil**. I love you and I am very proud of you.

**Yep, a chocolate pencil. Scatch and sniff. Totally my favorite.

And even though they wrote that note a long time ago, it still encourages me every time I see it.
On the last day of school last week, I received a note from one of my students that I think will become a life-long encouragement. It really speaks for itself:
Dearest Miss HasBrouck, (dearest- so sweet!)
Here’s a hand when you need one. It’s not much, but it’s my hand…
It left me speechless when I read it the first time. So lovely! One of my friends pointed out that these kind words will be exactly what my sweet student suggested- a helping hand when I need some encouragement. I’m thinking of framing it and hanging it up so I can see it often.
So, let’s all grab a pen and some paper, and write someone a simple little note. But first, I wouldn’t want you to leave today without your own little bit of encouragement:
Dear Blog Reader,
Thanks for stopping by! God loves you greatly, and he wants to bless you. His grace is abundant. I hope you see something today that makes you smile.

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  • My dear Laura,
    This made me smile and cry (good tears). Thanks for sharing. Your dad and I have been finding lots of things in the garage, so I might be sharing some stuff with you too!
    Love you so much, Mom

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