I’m back!

In this, that, & the other    January 28, 2014      0 Comments

My blog took a little siesta for a couple years because I had some things to do- I started dating a guy, decided I loved him, got engaged, and married him all within an 11 month time span. That whirlwind took me a year to recover from, mostly because I was also teaching 4th grade full time again with a class of 36 students. Yikes! And then, right when I was gearing up to start writing again, I found out that we’re expecting our first baby (yay!), and I needed to rest a lot during the early months of not feeling great.

I am now a little more than half-way through my pregnancy and feeling fabulous. I could not be more thankful for that fact. And I’m very excited to write about and process all the change that has happened in recent years and all that will be happening in the months to come.

Thanks for stopping by! =)

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