Happy Birthday, Dad!

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Yesterday was my dad’s birthday, so I thought it would be fitting to share a few of the reasons why I think Mr. Lawrence Henry HasBrouck (isn’t that just the grandest name?) is the best dad a girl could have:

  • He loves with truth and grace: he isn’t afraid to tell me what he thinks is wise or good, but that authoritative confidence is balanced by bountiful affection and affirmation. Whenever I see him, I am sure to receive lots of advice and countless kisses and hugs. It’s a great combination.
  • He is incredibly generous with his time and money. His constant provision for me blesses me daily, and his heart for missions and the poor is a beautiful extension of the love of Christ. It’s like he works to earn money to give it away. One of the many things I’m looking forward to in heaven is getting to meet all the people around the world who have been blessed by the faithful giving of my parents. They have joyfully accepted God’s invitation to join with him in his kingdom work, and I’m so grateful.
  • He has been a faithful and loving husband to my mom for almost 38 years.
  • He loves to talk on the phone, and even when we don’t get a chance to chat, he leaves the best voicemails. I have a bunch of them saved and I just listen to them when I need a little help finding my smile. Up-dates on the family or the neighbors, thoughts on world events, advice regarding a decision I’m making. He’s a talker.
  • He has an amazing laugh that is infectious. Check out this video from yesterday’s birthday fun times. He’s looking at the card I made for him that has this picture on it (one of my favorites!):

(Note his awesome red hair and apple core- 2 things that always remind me of him)
Needless to say, I dearly love my dad. If an earthly father, who is imperfect and human, loves with such abundance and care, how much more must our Heavenly Father love each of His children? How vast beyond all measure!

Happy Birthday, Dad! I am so thankful for your life!

  • I just love how much you love your dad. I agree about his laugh. I have no doubt that your dad has ministered to me through you.

    “Just keep blogging, blogging, blogging… ! What do we do? We blog!”

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