Five months with Savannah!

Savannah is just the cutest these days. 5 months is so fun. I feel like I have this adorable baby doll to play with all the time. I had trouble narrowing down the pictures this month, so prepare for a long (and crazy cute) post.

We tried taking the monthly chair pic one morning in early October, but girlfriend wasn’t feelin’ it…




We tried again later that evening, and she really knocked it out of the park. And yes, those are baby jeggings with the cuffs rolled up. Adorbs, right? Plus I’m finding that our long and slender girl grows out of her clothes in the length way before they no longer fit her shoulders or waist. So all of her pretty size 3-month-old dresses have become cute tops.


This is what most early weekday mornings look like- me getting dishes and other chores done while I drink coffee and Savvy plays on her mat.


Mommy and her sweet girl.


Oh, man. Her expressions are so fun. This one’s like, “Hey, guys. What’s up?” Plus she’s sporting some bubbles on her lip because she is all about blowing bubbles. Trav taught her to do it, and she pretty much does it every time he walks in the room. It’s cute.


Pardon the booty shots, but I wanted close-ups of her little hand and feet. I love them.



October held so many firsts! She laughed (best sound ever!) and her two bottom teeth cut through. She holds her own bottle to eat, plays with her toes, and rolls over from back to tummy like a champ. Here’s a little play by play:

The beginning…

Arm and leg out for the wind-up…

Almost there, but will she be able to get that tricky arm out?!?DSC_0322

Oh, yes! Yes she will! On her tummy and so pleased with herself.


Fingers are so yummy!


Pumpkin patch fun times. “Hey, uh, mom? Whatcha doing?”


Happy Autumn!




Playing with toys is a very serious business.DSC_0377

Here’s right after I said her name…


And then right after I smiled at her. =)


We sat out on the porch a few mornings ago. Her hair looks so red! I love it!


And for Halloween, Savvy was a grumpy polar bear.


Just kidding! She was the cutest polar bear you’ve ever seen. DSC_0434

DSC_0448What a month!

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  • Too cute for words!!! I’m hoping we get to see this adorable girl at Thanksgiving. I can tell you are having a great time being Savvy’s mom and dad.

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