Dude, where’d you go?

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Friends. I’m so sorry I fell off the face of the blogging world. I know, I know. I was right in the middle of telling my dating story. And I left you hanging just as I got to the good part. I’m the worst. I am still working on finishing it. I promise. It’s just slow going.

My explanation for not having writing time is twofold:

1. Savannah became mobile. She crawls, she cruises, she kinda stands on her own for a few seconds, and she gets into everything. I knew as this milestone approached that it would be a game changer, and it totally was. She is busy, busy, busy which means I am, too.

2. I’m tired. See #1. Plus I wasn’t making my health a priority, so my body had a little revolt in the form of major exhaustion. I have a hormone disorder called PCOS, which I’ve managed well for the last 8ish years. But apparently it’s rather common for women with PCOS to crash at some point in the postpartum phase, and that is exactly how I felt earlier this spring. Now I’m back on the dairy-and-gluten-free wagon and making rest and exercise a priority again, so I’m feeling better little by little. I’m thankful for that, but I’m still adjusting to how I need to operate at a very slow pace for my sake and Savannah’s. I used to just go, go, go! And I want to do all the things and see all the people. But I also want to be able to enjoy the ride and be awake and present during this season of mothering. So, I’m slowing down. And trying not to feel guilty about it. Side note: feel free to pray for me. =)

I have a couple ideas that I’m going to try in order to find some time to write. One involves getting up early (again, please pray for me) and/or I’m going to try to go to a coffee shop one night a week after Savvy is in bed. I think getting away from the couch and Netflix will help me stay awake enough to get some work done. I mean, I love Cupcake Wars and Murder, She Wrote, but they’re not exactly moving me toward my life goals.

So, thank you for your patience. I hope to be back here more regularly. This week held multiple situations that reminded me of how passionate I am about encouraging people to date wisely and have hope for the dating process. I can’t seem to help it- I love talking about dating. Yes, I want to finish writing out my dating story, but I also really want to help you figure out your own dating story. Are you someone that desires to be married and you’re feeling discouraged about the dating process? I see you. In a non-creepy way, I think of you often and pray that God would help you figure out what the next step is. You’re a rock star. And an awesome marriage is a wonderful and worthy thing to want. Press on. I’m going to sign off tonight with a little challenge and some questions:

  • A challenge for you singles peeps that desire marriage: try to meet one new, eligible person of the opposite sex this weekend. I double dog dare you. Maybe at the grocery store. Or go read at a coffee shop tomorrow morning. Or sit in a new spot in church on Sunday. Or call that friend of yours that said she had someone to introduce to you. Or… or… or… There are people out there. Go meet one.
  • Do you ever set-up your friends that are interested in dating? What holds you back from setting someone up?
  • Would you think I was odd if I tweeted out random dating thoughts when they hit me? Yes, I’m on twitter. Technically for the second time, but my first account just gathered spam b/c I found twitter confusing and a little weird. I still do, but I’m realizing that it’s a way to share random, quick thoughts and that is exactly how my brain functions these days. If you want to follow me, all you’ve got to do is say @heymrsaustin.

Have a great weekend!

  • Glad you’re back!

    -a former Grace EV Free-er who loves reading your blog but whom you probably don’t remember ever meeting

    (does that make me a stalker? I sure hope not!)

    • Nope, not a stalker! Your name is SO familiar to me! When did we meet? I’m glad we can be blog friends! Thanks for commenting and for reading. =)

      • Whoa… I am much delayed in responding to this. I don’t remember our first official meeting but I do remember talking to you during an Adventure Week years ago when you and Melissa were co-teaching. (That was probably…5 years ago?) We moved four years ago and I still miss our church family in La Mirada!

  • Relieved to hear that you’re feeling better, Laura, and learning to take care of yourself. You’ve exchanged your former go-go-go pace for something (someone!) even better!

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