A month with Savannah

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Our sweet Savannah is one month old today! I can’t even believe that four weeks have already gone by since she was born. Here are a few fun facts from her first month of life:

  • She weighs 9ish pounds and is 22.5 inches long. She’s also got adorably long limbs that she loooooves to stretch.




  • She is very sweet natured and easily consolable. She makes it known (oh, the cries!) when she’s hungry, needs a new diaper, or is tired, but once those things are taken care of, she is as calm as can be.
  • Her favorite thing to do is sleep, sleep, sleep. She’s even starting to figure out that sleeping is a good thing to do at night. 😉



  • She likes her pacifier. And her mommy and daddy said, “Woo hoo!” We’re thankful for something that easily soothes her and brings her comfort.


  • She doesn’t mind taking a bath. She started crying about half way through her very first one, but since then she stays calm the entire time. It’s rather adorable actually.


We love being Savannah’s parents and hanging out with her every day. Newborns are a crazy amount of work, but it’s a good kind of work. =) We want to give a big thank you to everyone that came over and helped by bringing us meals or doing chores. It’s good to have people in your life that remind you to eat when you’re in a sleepless fog.

One more cute pic…

Fun times watching the World Cup at Auntie Sissy and Uncle Jon’s house. Go Team USA!
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