A little re-decorating fun

In home making    October 30, 2011      3 Comments

I’ve been wanting to re-style the blank and boring corner of my bedroom for a few months.

My mom and I had a wonderful day together on Tuesday, which included yummy lunch and a trip to Home Goods. Which really should be called Home Greats because wow, it’s awesome. After our shopping adventure, I came home and arranged and re-arranged, and then re-arranged again, a few new purchases and a few pieces that I already owned.  And I really love the end result!
I have a dream of making my own headboard someday, but until I make time to get that done, I improvised. I used a framed verse that used to be in the living room (my mom did the calligraphy!) and the mirrors that used to be on the wall by the window.
(Yes, that’s a stuffed animal on my bed. I may or may not tuck him in with me each night. Don’t judge.)
I absolutely LOVE the shutter/frame thingy. It’s my favorite. No, wait. The clock’s my favorite. But then again, the lamp is lovely, too. Any how, I needed some brown on the other side of the room to tie it all together. I brought up a captain’s chair I got from my nana’s house (maybe from the 70’s?) that I’ve been storing in the garage.  I don’t love the details on the back part of it, so I covered it up with some fabric.  And added a hot pink pillow because that’s always a surefire solution to any problem.
Done and done. =o)
  • I remember very well the first time I ever went to Home Goods. I thought, “Why hasn’t anyone ever told me about this awesome place!!!???” Love the new touches! My favorite is the clock. I have a thing for large antique looking clocks. =)

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