A good name is . . .

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. . . really hard to choose. I’m detail oriented, so I tend to labor over decisions and every possible implication of each choice, even when it doesn’t really matter. So, I’m not gonna lie, it took me awhile to settle on what to call this blog. But I love where I landed.

At church, we sing an old hymn by James Montgomery called “Forever With the Lord” that Walt, our worship leader, wrote the music for. The first verse says:

Forever with the Lord- Amen! So let it be!
Life from his death! We live in hope of immortality.
Here in this body spent, I with creation groan.
Yet, nightly pitch my moving tent,
A day’s march nearer home.

The last two lines really strike me, because I think a lot about the idea of home. I love completing home projects, having people hang out in my home, making people feel at home, rambling around Home Depot, thinking about how to make a place homey. But, at the end of the day, this place and this world, are not my true home.

2 Corinthians 5 is a “my life’s purpose” sort of chapter of the Bible for me, and it’s where Mr. Montgomery must have gotten his inspiration for this song. It affirms our daily experience- this world is badly broken because of our sin, and it will be much better to be in heaven with Jesus someday soon. But, until that day, either death or Jesus’s return, we have been given a beautiful task- to tell others about God’s desire to be in relationship with each of us.

Sometimes those details that I love can tie me down and make me lose sight of that big picture. Or the difficult things in life can cause me to forget that Jesus will make everything right someday. So, I think I’ll keep singing songs like Mr. Montgomery’s that preach the Gospel of grace to me once again, and at the end of the day I’ll set up camp, rest well knowing that God is at work, and look forward to the day when I’m truly home.

And maybe I’ll blog about it.

  • Laura! I love that you started a blog. I think that God will use this spot to spur good conversations, facilitate deeper community and grow us in godliness. Looking forward to sharing in the journey and I like that it includes camping too. 🙂 Love you, friend!

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